Family Law Fees and Funding

At King Street Solicitors LLP, we recognise that relationship breakdown often leads to stress, anxiety and uncertainty. Clients understandably are concerned at the outset by potential legal costs and how much their case will cost.

Free initial appointments

We offer all family clients a free initial half an hour appointment with a family law solicitor.

Domestic abuse cases

The majority of victims of domestic abuse will still qualify for legal aid.  In the rare cases where this does not apply, we offer very competitive fixed fee packages.

Free Legal Aid assessments

During the initial free appointment, we can undertake a legal aid assessment with you.   It is unfortunately the case that legal aid is much more limited in scope than it used to be, but it is still available in some cases, so do ask us.

The types of legal aid currently available for family cases are as follows:

  • Legal Help – An initial assistance legal aid to provide advice and to undertake work to resolve matters such as correspondence with a third party. No Court proceedings can be issued under this type of legal aid except for divorce proceedings.
  • Help with Mediation – Legal advice and assistance to clients partaking in the mediation process whom are eligible for legally aided mediation. Such legal aid covers the preparation of Court documents where financial agreements are reached during the mediation process.
  • Certificated Work – proceedings. – Covers representation in Court proceedings such as Injunction proceedings, Children Act proceedings and financial proceedings.

Assessing Legal Aid eligibility is a two stage process, usually referred to as merits and means tests.

“Merits” – the scope of legal aid

In order to be eligible for family legal aid, there must be evidence that either you or a relevant child has suffered or is at risk of suffering harm from either domestic abuse, or child abuse. The opponent against whom you seek to take action against must be the perpetrator of this abuse.  There are a number of ways in which this can be proved to the satisfaction of the Legal Aid Agency, including the existence of a criminal conviction or police caution.

You do not need to provide this evidence of domestic abuse to obtain legal aid for immediate emergency protection from a violent or abusive partner.


If we consider that you are within the scope to receive legal aid, we will then consider your financial means to determine whether you will be eligible. Download list of evidence required.

If you qualify for legal aid, we will fill in the forms with you and we can start work on your case straight away.

One Hour Assist Services

If you simply some need some one-off advice with one of our solicitors, we will charge you £75 plus VAT (a total of £90) for up to one hour of advice and assistance, including confirming our advice to you in writing within 5 working days of your initial appointment.  This fee is payable at your appointment.    If you instruct us to carry out further work on your matter, we will deduct the cost of your initial appointment from your invoice.

Fixed Fees

The majority of our family clients instruct us on the basis of our fixed fee packages.  Please note that these are not always suitable for complex children or financial proceedings.  We will always provide you with the best possible information about costs and provide a detailed estimate at the outset.

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