Adoption law can be complex. If you need legal advice from a specialist adoption solicitor, the team of childcare law experts here at King Street Solicitors in Wakefield can help.

Placement order adoption

At the conclusion of care proceedings, in some circumstances the Court may make a placement order. A placement order gives permission to a Local Authority to place a child with prospective adopters with the intention of an adoption order being sought.  To make a placement order, the Court must be satisfied that the parents consent to the order being made, or that their consent should be dispensed with.

An adoption order severs the legal ties between a child and his or her birth family, meaning that they legally become a member of their adoptive family.

At King Street Solicitors LLP, our specialist child care solicitors regularly represent parents and children in care proceedings where the Local Authority seeks a placement order.  The Courts have recognised that the making of a placement (and subsequent adoption) order will have a lifelong effect on a child and their parents, and should only be made where nothing else will do.   Legal aid is automatically available to parents where placement orders are being sought and we provide robust and effective representation in these circumstances.

Step parents adopting step children

If you’re thinking about adopting a child or children in the family, we can offer support to advise you on the process. King Street Solicitors will take the time to understand your individual circumstances and provide expert advice on your options and any application to adopt a step child.

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