“Do I really need a solicitor?  Can’t I just represent myself?”

Of course, most people expect our answer to be “Yes, you do!”  We believe that, for many clients, having an experienced solicitor significantly increases their prospect of gaining a successful outcome to their case.  But  … we also know that legal fees can be a significant expense.  At King Street Solicitors, we offer a number of fixed fee packages to assist with particular aspects of your case – whether that is an hour’s tailored legal advice, drafting a statement or representation at a particular hearing.  Not everyone needs a solicitor for the whole of their case but it’s well known that “knowledge is power” and legal advice which is specific to your case can help you through the sometimes bewildering Court process.

As a family paralegal, I have recently offered fixed fee packages to clients who have needed help in drafting statements for Court or assisted parents to prepare an application for contact with their child.  I have also acted on a fixed fee basis at Court hearings where clients have felt happy dealing with the initial stages of their application but felt disadvantaged in attending Court without the benefit of legal advice.  I find that working on this basis offers a great compromise for those clients who don’t need me every step of the way but do need help with particularly complex or legal aspects of their case.

In answer to your question – if you think you might need a solicitor, talk to us!  We are always happy to offer free initial appointments to chat through the ways we can help.