Grandparents and Connected Carers

When a child’s placement with his or her parent(s) breaks down it is sometimes left to other members of the family to step in and care for them to prevent them going in to foster care.

Grandparents and other family members are very often the unsung heroes when it comes to providing a child with the stability and safe home environment that a parent cannot.

There are many ways that other family members can provide support to a child’s placement such as providing respite care, interim care or long term care. That being said family members can sometimes be put off getting involved in the court process as they are unsure as to what they are or are not entitled to and/ or they are worried that they will not receive any support. Connected carers are not always aware of the duties that the Local Authority has to them and/ or the children in their care.

At King Street Solicitors, we recognise the important role that grandparents and other connected carers can play in a child’s life. Our experienced child care team can help you every stage of the way and can provide advice in relation to the types of assessments that Family Services can undertake of you, the court process, and what support you may be entitled to both financially and practically either from the Local Authority or from other services.

It may be that you are automatically entitled to legal aid in circumstances where the Local Authority has issued a care order/supervision order application – please do ask us.

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