Child Care Fees and Funding

Legal aid (free legal advice and representation) is automatically available for parents and others with parental responsibility where Local Authorities apply for care or supervision orders.  Legal aid may also be available to other parties to care proceedings.

In private law proceedings or disputes between parents following separation or divorce, legal aid remains available in limited circumstances, particularly for victims of domestic abuse.

Where legal aid is not available, we can offer fixed fee advice or clear, detailed costs estimates and can discuss options for payment by instalments.  We are committed to offering affordable legal advice –  we are often asked to advise on a limited basis, for example to assist in drafting a document or advise grandparents or other family carers where the Local Authority propose to place a child in their care on the right legal orders and support package.

Please do ask us, we offer free initial appointments, including a legal aid assessment – contact us on 01924 332395.

Along with Fees and Funding, we provide a range of service in the field of hild Care Law, including: