Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney let you give a suitable person the relevant authority to deal with your property and finances, or health and welfare, or both if you become unable to deal with them yourself.

Property and finances lasting powers of attorney

If you lose your capacity to deal with your finances banks and other financial institutions will not deal with anyone else unless a power of attorney is in place. This can be very frustrating for family members as it means finances are inaccessible, property cannot be sold and care home fees cannot be paid.

Having a power of attorney in place ensures a smooth transition of your finances should a time come where you can no longer deal with them yourself.

It is important to note that you remain in complete control of your finances unless and until a time comes when you are no longer able to look after them yourself, or you choose to hand over the authority to your nominated Attorney.

Health and welfare lasting power of attorney

A health and welfare power of attorney appoints someone you nominate to make decisions regarding your health and welfare.  This can be particularly important if you do not wish for your next of kin to make those decisions on your behalf.  Health and welfare decisions include where you live and the medical treatment you receive.

Andrew Gullett has a particular interest and experience in advising clients and their families dealing with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia both through the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney and where appropriate making applications for the appointment of deputies if mental capacity has already been lost.

Home visits can be arranged where appropriate – please call for more information regarding Lasting Powers of Attorney, registering Enduring Powers of Attorney and Deputyship Applications.

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