When parents separate they have to make arrangements to suit any child or children of the family. They may be able to agree arrangements on a weekly basis but problems can start when they begin to discuss Christmas, holidays and special occasions. In turn this can have a devastating impact on children at a time which is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

Many families have ‘traditions’ at special times, but when a relationship breaks down unfortunately those ‘traditions’ may have to change to make way for new ones.

It is therefore in the child’s/children’s interest to reach an agreement in good time. The courts would not consider an application at ‘short notice’ should one parent not agree to a child being taken on holiday or will be willing to hear an ‘urgent’ application in December about Christmas arrangements.

You may have firm views about what you want, but think about what your child or children may want.  Are you prepared to compromise with the other parent to reach an agreement?

We can assist you in negotiations or if you already have an agreement in place we can incorporate this into a written separation agreement. We can also consider with you whether it is better for the child to have a Child Arrangement Order.

So even though Christmas is a good few months away start to think about what is going to work for your child with a view to reaching an early agreement. One less thing to add to your Christmas ‘To Do’ list!!

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