Why make a Will ?


It’s still interesting (worryingly so!), that millions of adults have not made Will. What puts people off doing this, I often wonder ? Is it simply not wanting to tempt fate, thinking the inevitable will not happen, choosing to leave things to chance, the cost, or perhaps you prefer to bury your head in the sand ?


Ok, well, let’s dispel some of those myths. Firstly, a simple Will is one of our lowest priced services and the price we quote is fixed regardless of the amount of times it takes for us to advise you and draft it.


So, how about leaving it to chance ? If you die without a valid Will, your estate will be distributed according to the Rules of Intestacy, which means that cousin Frank whom you’ve never even met might been in line for a windfall ! A professionally drafted Will will ensure that your estate passes to the people who you want it to. It can also include tax planning and the appointment of Guardians for your children.


Please do not hesitate to call if you would like to have a free initial chat with me on the telephone to discuss your wishes, or a fixed price quote.


Best wishes,