I recognise that for the majority of clients meeting me for the first time can be an extremely daunting and quite a nervy experience. I am often told that it has taken weeks for someone to pick up the telephone and arrange an appointment. Once you get over that hurdle you may become worried about what you will be told.  You will have heard all kinds of different horror stories and received differing ‘advice’ from well meaning family and friends and this is often the root of nerves and worry.

It is normal to feel emotional, angry, confused, upset and worried about your change in circumstances and ‘how much it’s all going to cost’

My aim is to provide clear advice tailored to you and your own personal circumstances so that when I ask at the end of our meeting ‘Do you feel better now? Has that answered your questions?’ I know the answer will be a big yes!!

Why not pick up the phone and take that first step – speak to one of our friendly Family Team on 01924 332395 or 01977 705762.