Today the Jo Cox Commission launched their new campaign #happytochat. I wanted to share the idea with you all.

The campaign is to get us all talking to each other to tackle issues of isolation and loneliness. The fundamental point being that we can all help another just by listening and taking an interest.

Here at King Street Solicitors we often support people who are experiencing feelings such as this. It can be due to a number of reasons, for example, relationship breakdown, court proceedings or bereavement, to name just a few.

Personally my background comes from supporting people who have been the victim of Domestic Abuse, this abuse can include coercive and controlling behaviour. This can result in people being forced by someone else’s behaviour to become isolated by giving up friendships, distancing themselves from family and becoming cut off socially. This can result in people experiencing loneliness, which in turn makes it more difficult than ever to seek help for their situation.

That first contact with someone when you are lonely or isolated can be very important. Even without admitting your loneliness you do need someone to listen and to feel supported. We understand that a negative first experience can make you wary about trying again resulting in people feeling further isolated.

We work with organisations locally to support our clients with a range of issues including Domestic Abuse. We are here for a free and confidential conversation whenever you need us and have experienced Solicitors in the area of Domestic Abuse who can support you every step of the way.

Get in touch if you need us, we are always #happytochat.

by Rebecca Shenton – Solicitor