Events to raise awareness of a charity involving food, are  a win – win situation as far as I am concerned! Fortunately many people in our office agree with my sentiments.

Last year we  were pleased to agree to sponsor a month in Wakefield Hospice Calendar for 2016. When we saw the finished calendars, the recipes  featured each month looked very enticing. Who could resist trying them?

We decided to cook the recipe each month and offer staff the chance to share a meal  one lunchtime and make a donation to the hospice.

The recipe for January 2016 was Kale and Puy Lentil Chunky One Pot.

Lots of healthy ingredients, (too healthy for some!) and it cooked well in a slow cooker. A tasty vegetable casserole flavoured with paprika.

Could this idea catch on, with people all over Wakefield cooking the monthly recipe for colleagues or friends?

Certainly we are looking forward to Beef Stroganoff in February.

And to let you into a secret  I agreed to make  a less healthy Chocolate Caramel Shortcake for those in the office who thought   there were just  too many vegetables  in this month’s recipe!