King Street Solicitors is now part of the Safer Places Scheme

The Safer Places Scheme aims to assist vulnerable people with learning disabilities, autism and dementia to feel safer when they are out and about in Wakefield. Safer Places are recognised by the Safer Places logo, so that the vulnerable people are aware what places offer the scheme. Our logo is placed conveniently on our main office door so it is easily spotted.

It provides the vulnerable people of Wakefield with the confidence to be independent to take trips into town on their own, and they are reassured that there is somewhere safe to go if they start to feel unwell, confused or lost.

Vulnerable people who are members of the Safer Places Scheme carry a Safer Places Card with their name and the details of up to three people that can be contacted if the person requires this.

At King Street Solicitors our aim is to create and warm and friendly environment for the vulnerable people and provide any assistance necessary, whether that be making a hot drink, providing them with a warm resting place, or contacting their family members.

If you know anyone who is part of the Safer Places Scheme, please let them know our door is always open to them should they ever need us.

For more information about the Safer Places Scheme, visit