The whole team at King Street Solicitors wanted to reach out to ALL of you at this most challenging of times.

I am sure that many of you (me included, at times) are feeling various emotions (and not all of them positive). So, I wanted to firstly share with you my own personal survival tips. I live alone, like many others in our society, but I am still highly sociable. I am very quickly having to adapt to not being able to socialize like I am used to. So, my tips:

  1. Still keep a routine. This may not be the same routine as you had before. In fact, I am quite sure for 90% the new routine will be hugely different. I am working from home some of the time but on those days, I get up at 8am, ask “Alexa” to put classic FM on, make my cup of Yorkshire tea and then turn on my computer and start working at the usual time. For those of you who are not working then it’s essential, in my opinion, that you plan other things you can do. This could be something simple, like an online yoga class, or a morning chat with your best friend. Whatever your passion or interest, then try to still carry it out (even if remotely).
  2. Embrace modern technology. I never used to use video calling but I’ve had more in the past week than I’ve had in the past 5 years. I have to say, subject to your wi-fi, it’s amazing and you can really feel that the  family member, friend or colleague you are talking to is right there.
  3. I do appreciate that not everyone has access to the internet but if you don’t, pick up the phone and talk to someone. Often, that is all we need. Personally, I am limiting my access to the media. Stephen Fry recommended perhaps checking in on bulletins maybe three times a day to ensure you are getting the information you need. But don’t drowned it, or it can be become emotionally overwhelming.
  4. Keep smiling, laugh as much as possible and never lose hope. All storms pass and so will this.

We are still very much open for business – but mostly working from home. Most of our services can be safely provided remotely

If you require any advice (or simply a quick chat), about Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney or any element of family law, please call me or a member of the team 01924 332395.

Best wishes to you all,