Our legal cashier, Sylvia Allcock, tells us about her role at King Street:

“I have been asked to write a blog, a whole new experience for me!  My first reaction was that I am better with numbers than with word, which is why I am a cashier not a secretary.  Working as a book-keeper or legal cashier is interesting (yes really!!) as the work is rather varied, and keeps me on my toes.

This is a good job for me, as I work only two days a week, and being one of the silver brigade that is enough, and this firm was willing to let me keep going.  It is great to meet and work with the younger element, they make me smile and I am not allowed to get grumpy!  The staff is friendly, helpful and welcoming, so I get the feeling it is great to be alive, even at work.

About my interests, we have 5 grandchildren that we love dearly, a large garden that grows beautiful weeds amongst the flowers, making cards, reading and holidays.  I also belong to a charity that does great work in the district, so life is well occupied.  Friends and family are a boon, and I am one lucky bus pass user!!”