Lastly, but certainly not least, to meet during our #meetthepartners month (okay we know we are a bit late but we have been busy!) is Sue Wittrick. Sue graduated from Sheffield University and undertook her Law Society Finals course at College of Law at Lancaster Gate obtaining Honours and three distinctions. After qualifying she worked in a Chelmsford solicitors’ firm before lecturing on a Law degree course. Sue has worked in Wakefield specialising in family law since 1987. She is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Advanced Panel and the Law Society’s Children Panel.

We asked Sue for five things we didn’t know about her:

  1. I support Wales at Rugby union. (Why would anyone support any other team?) I’m sure they will win the Rugby World Cup this autumn. Both my parents came from South Wales so school holidays always involved fantastic stays with grandparents at the coast or in the hills in Wales.
  2. Yorkshire is now my second home. I came here to go to Sheffield University and people are so friendly. I am thrilled to see Yorkshire becoming prominent with so many exciting events. The Tour de Yorkshire which I watched at Scarborough this year was a brilliant spectacle – have you ever seen bicycle ballet? No, nor had I before then!
  3. I’m a chocoholic to the extent that if we open a box of chocolates at home,   someone usually hides it so that I can’t eat them all at one sitting. It is absolutely fatal for me to buy a multipack of chocolate bars, I’m quite capable of eating 2 or 3 of them straightaway.
  4. I’ve always preferred being outside to inside. Over about 8 years I did paragliding not only in the Yorkshire Dales but also in Dorset, South Africa, France, Morocco Spain and the Alps. It took me to some really lovely out of the way places. It’s really quiet when you fly. Some would say (including my partners!) that sense has prevailed and I have with some regret called time on further flying!
  5. I qualified as a skipper to sail a yacht in 2014. As well as the practical courses I did theory courses on things such as navigation tides charts and weather which I really enjoyed. I have to admit I prefer sailing in warmer seas than around the UK. Although on land I don’t know my right from my left hand, fortunately I have no difficulty distinguishing port from starboard at sea.

One more thing you didn’t know about Sue is that she makes the best millionaires’ shortbread which she sometimes brings in for us if we have been really good!