We are kicking off our #meetthepartners month by saying hello to Francesca Greenfield. Fran qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and is one of the founding partners of King Street Solicitors LLP. A member of the Law Society’s Children Panel, she has developed a strong reputation for representing parents and children in care proceedings.

We asked Fran for 5 things you might not know about her:

  1. I love to travel, especially anywhere the journey is part of the adventure. I’ve taken a bullet train in Japan, husky sled in the Arctic Circle and camel in the Sahara.
  2. I studied jurisprudence (legal philosophy) at St Peter’s College, Oxford. St Peter’s is one of the newer colleges (by Oxford standards!) and is distinguished by having automatic glass doors in the lodge. It’s a small and friendly college, and on Saturday nights you regularly hear undergraduates singing “You are my Peter’s” to the tune of “You are my sunshine.”
  3. I’m a great cook – I have a friendly ongoing competition with my colleague Abby Duffy but I think my profiteroles (with salted caramel sauce) have put me firmly in the lead.
  4. I grew up locally and studied at Ackworth School so have always come into Wakefield for shopping and socialising. It’s amazing how much Wakefield has changed over the last ten years – there are so many great places to eat now. I am a big fan of the fabulous Deli Central for lunch or Qubana for dinner or cocktails.
  5. I’m very proud of King Street Solicitors – it’s difficult to come up with one favourite thing. I love my job and find it very rewarding. We have a great team – and we’re all cheered up by a Friday morning bacon sandwich from time to time!

One more thing that Fran has been trying to keep quiet is that it is her birthday this week. Happy birthday Fran!