Happy Monday everyone…. I am charged this week with introducing myself and also hopefully bringing some useful information to you all!

I am the newest member of the team here at King Street. I am a Solicitor specialising in Children Cases, mainly those involving Social Care.

I went to University in Manchester where I completed my training before moving to West Yorkshire in 2012. I am however originally from the South East of England and occasionally the accent does make an appearance!

I have had an interest in the area of law that I practise for several years having worked with the charity sector from my late teens  in the field of Domestic Abuse. That early interest sent me into the area of Family Law before I eventually specialised in cases involving Children and Domestic Abuse.

I continue to play an active role in the third sector and currently sit on the Board of Trustees for a leading West Yorkshire Domestic Abuse organisation.

I really do enjoy my job, I like to also use it to inform others and raise awareness of key issues.

So this week I will be posting about relevant issues in the press in the area of Children and Domestic Abuse and I am also hoping to give you all a little more of an insight into what I do!

So keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts this week for more updates.

By Rebecca Shenton

Email: rs@kingstreetsolicitors.co.uk