Health and Welfare lasting powers of attorney

Over a course of a year, I prepare and register many dozens of lasting powers of attorney (LPA’s) for clients. In the vast majority of cases, these cover only their financial and property affairs. However, there is another type of LPA dealing with a person’s health and welfare. If someone makes the latter then they have given their Attorney’s the power to make decisions about their future care (for example, which nursing home to choose), their medical care (for example, choosing between a hospital and a hospice for end of life care), and making difficult decisions at the end of that person’s life (for example, allowing the person to be refused further treatment).

All of the above are, understandably, things we often do not want to think about, but, most of us will live into old age and the older we get the greater are the chances of one of the above scenarios applying. Personally, I would rather have made a health and welfare LPA, whereby I could choose NOW who I would TRUST to make those difficult decisions in the future, if I was unable to make those myself.

I have recently returned from a meeting at Alzheimer’s Society Wakefield, and this very subject was brought up. The staff commented that they are seeing cases of the families of people who have been diagnosed with dementia and have lost capacity being in dispute with social workers over how best to care for the person diagnosed with dementia. These disputes would never arise if those people had made a health and welfare LPA. So, why don’t you gave yourself peace of mind and act now.

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