Yesterday was a good day for my client….

I often have to deal with urgent applications to court. Many of those applications are for clients who have been subjected to domestic violence and abuse within their relationships. Those client’s need the protection of an Injunction Order.   The abuse has often been on-going for a long period of time, more often than not for  years and years.

It takes a lot of courage to pick up the phone and make an appointment and even more courage to pursue an application through the courts, particularly as emotions are very raw and mixed. Knowing that a relationship has ended through no fault of your own and realising that potentially your former partner could be ordered to leave the family home is often a hard decision to make.   I am often the first person a client tells about the abuse and I know that clients must be believed.

Yesterday, I made an urgent application for a vulnerable client. I asked her how she was feeling and mentioned that I would be writing a blog.  Her reaction was positive.

She told me that she had reached breaking point and if she did not do this now she would never do it. She felt that she was on the verge on a nervous breakdown.

She was scared about contacting a solicitor as she did not know whether she would be believed.

Having considered the advice I gave to her she felt reassured and made the decision to pursue an application through the court for a Non molestation Order and an Occupation Order.    A Non Molestation Order prevents somebody from threatening, harassing, pestering or using violence towards another person and an Occupation Order regulates who lives in the matrimonial home.

The application was successful and the court made the protection Orders my client needed to feel safe.

My client told me that she felt extremely supported throughout the process and felt reassured in pursuing her applications through the Court.   If you are in any doubt about your position or are frightened of your partner please contact us – we will listen to you and we will help you.

Legal Aid is still available for Non molestation Orders (subject to a means assessment). We will undertake a Legal Aid assessment with you prior to any applications being made.

Please telephone King Street Solicitors and speak to Sally Wadsworth or any other Family Fee Earner to arrange an appointment.  01924 332395