With less than two months to go, we’ve all started making lists of jobs to do before Christmas and started to make plans about where to spend the Big Day itself.

As a partner at King Street Solicitors LLP and Member of the Law Society’s Advanced Family Panel I know that Christmas can be one of the most challenging times of year for separated parents. For newly separated parents, the raw emotion of their split can be made worse by the pressure for Christmas to be perfect. Everyone wants to watch their children open their presents, and it can be hard for parents to compromise.

I am a member of Resolution and a Collaborative Lawyer and I use these skills to encourage my clients to work towards a child-focused solution to problems about contact. Often, clients put off making arrangements until the last minute because it’s so difficult. I encourage my clients to tackle these special occasions head on so that by the time Christmas arrives, everyone, and most importantly the children, have a clear plan – the last thing any child wants is his or her parents arguing about them on Christmas Day.

Members of my team and I will offer constructive suggestions and engage in negotiation about child contact issues. The Court is there to make decisions that parents can’t, for example where a parent is unreasonably preventing the other parent from seeing their child, but I encourage my clients to work towards a solution which meets their individual needs, only issuing Court proceedings where this can’t be achieved.

The reality is that Christmas is fast approaching – don’t put off to the last minute making these important arrangements. There is still time to reach sensible, negotiated solutions – give me a ring now, rather than waiting until the Christmas tree is up and the pressure mounting!

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